Feeling like there’s a part of you missing?
That somehow, no matter what you do, things simply don’t change?
Tired of being tired? Get up and go got up and went?
Feeling like “I’m not all there”?

Join Karen and Annette for the healing experience of Soul Retrieval, an ancient practice of restoring lost vitality. Learn about Soul Loss, its causes, and how it impacts our lives.

What to expect from this event:
                    An overview of illness and healing from a shamanic perspective
                    An opportunity to receive a Soul Retrieval
                    Release of energy not serving your highest good
                    Integrative methods to assist and continue the healing process
                    Support of community
                   Your soul’s story witnessed ceremonially

Experience a Soul Retrieval and begin to regain the “you”
that you may have missed for so long.

Saturday, January 25th 9:30-4:30pm and Sunday, January 26th 1pm – 4:30pm

Our Lady of the Angels Catholic center
    701 N. Stockton Hill Drive Ste. K-2 9across from main post office)

Cost: $75.00

Facilitated by:
Karen Furr - Practitioner and Teacher of Shamanism and Reiki
Annette Erdman - Practitioner of Shamanism 

For information and to register 
Contact Karen @ 928-606-4611 or [email protected]

“It is our birthright to fully express our souls. 
Life without meaning equals despair. 
It is time for all to collect back our lost pieces 
and remember why we were born into this world. 
Then, we are truly healed and can live our lives in harmony 
and help others to do the same.”

  - Sandra Ingerman, "Soul Retrieval - Mending the Fragmented Self"