About the Course

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual modality known to humankind, dating back at least 80,000 years. We explore this ancient way of spiritual healing through a focus on personal, communal and planetary wholeness. This course is a blending of learning the skills necessary for facilitating shamanic healings as well as providing opportunities to gain and enhance life skills for a Shamanic Path of compassion and balance. 

The first half of this course focuses on the Path of Shamanism in the 21st century. in the second half of the course the emphasis is on skill building and learning shamanic techniques for healing.

The Path

The Basics of Shamanism

Participants in this course are introduced to Shamanism. Our focus is on the classic shamanic journey, a visionary method used by shamans and shamanic practitioners for healing and problem solving. 

 Participants are initiated into shamanic journeying, aided by drumming and other techniques for experiencing the shamanic state of consciousness and for awakening dormant spiritual abilities, including connections with Nature. They are also provided with methods for journeying to meet and study with their own individual helping spirits in non-ordinary reality, a classic step in shamanic practice. Participants learn how the journey is utilized to restore spiritual power and health, and how shamanism can be applied in contemporary daily life to help facilitate healing of oneself, others, and the Planet. 

This gathering is required for participation in any of the following classes.

Working with the Helpers  Connecting and Listening - developing the relationship.....

We become more acquainted with our helping spirits and explore how we listen and receive information from the spiritual realms. Building the relationship is essential to the Work and being of service.  

Participants continue to meet their power animals, gate-keepers and guides and learn to work in partnership with these compassionate and powerful beings.

The Heart of the Shaman  Opening the Heart-Door.....

Participants explore the concept of compassion and how this relates to our shamanic practice. This class prepares the student to further understand how we can be a healing presence in the world, and integrate that understanding into our day to day walk.

The Journey Within 

In this class, we explore the realm of interiority. Doing the inner work is one of the most important components of shamanic practice. Participants have the opportunity to go within through journey and exploration. This class builds on the experiences and learning gained and brings the practitioner to a deeper awareness of the giftedness and sacredness of his or her True Self.

The Inter-Relatedness of Healing – Transfigurative Healing.....

Based on the work of Sandra Ingerman, and her book Medicine for the Earth, we explore the process of transmuting toxins and transfiguration as a healing practice, deepening our awareness of ourselves as healing Light. Participants can experience the healing potential of transfiguration as a healing practice.

The Skills

Extraction - Identifying and Removing intrusions....

From a shamanic perspective, we can harbor energy that is not ours and which causes any number of symptoms of illness and depletion. We explore intrusive energy and learn how it can be removed safely and compassionately.

Beyond Death - The Art of Helping Those in Transition, and those who have already crossed over.

Participants learn about dying and the destiny of souls from a shamanic perspective. We explore and learn how to become experientially familiar with the after-death realms, as well as how to help a person to cross over. 

Helping another soul to complete their crossing over journey is one of the most rewarding experiences in the practice of shamanic healing.

Soul Retrieval - Facilitating the Bringing Together of the Whole Person...

In this training, we explore the shamanic concept of “loss of essential vitality” and the art of returning one’s vitality for healing and well-being. We learn what causes soul loss and how to facilitate healing through the art and practice of soul retrieval. 

Please note: This is a separate training over 4 and a half days and is not included in the course fees. The dates for this workshop will be determined during the course, and will require an additional fee for those wanting this training.

Coming Together

In this last gathering of the Year-Long Course, we explore the past year and deepen the growth and awakening we have experienced. Through ceremony and ritual, we honor and celebrate ourselves as the shamanic practitioners we have come to be.

The In-between Time 

We maintain contact throughout the year via online opportunities for dialogue and continuing the work, including a private Facebook page and teleconferencing or online zoom classes and meetings.


Participants meet four times in 2020:  

                        February 14th - 16th
                        May 1st - 3rd
                        July 31st - August 2nd
                        November 13th - 15th       

Location: Cornville, Arizona

Times:Begins 6:00 Friday evenings and ends with lunch on Sundays

Cost:$1200 USD for the year. 
            If you would like to stay overnight at the venue, there is an additional fee of $30 per weekend.

            The Soul Retrieval Training is a separate training.

About The Teacher   

Karen Furr’s home is in the desert of Western Arizona. Her love of Spirit has led her into the way of alternative healing through Shamanism and Reiki. For Karen, there is no separation between the realities of seen and unseen, and her work as a healer is rooted in the belief that It is not what we do that heals, but what we allow ourselves to become. 

"The realm of the Divine is within each of us and it is there that we can access the infinite compassion of Mystery. It does not matter what tradition we are immersed in, but that we encounter that Mystery and Spirit within."

Karen holds a Masters degree in Social Work and has devoted much of her life to working with those who have experienced economic poverty, as well as abuse, addictions, homelessness and trauma. As a former Catholic sister, and now as an ordained priest in the Independent Catholic Movement, Karen walks the path of the mystic and healer. She is aware that it is in bringing Light into the world that healing and wholeness can happen. She is excited about the emerging paradigm of Oneness and welcomes the challenge and movement of this evolution of Spirit.

"Karen Furr is an impeccable shamanic teacher and practitioner. She has a depth of knowledge and compassion that leads her students into the true meaning of the path of the shaman. I highly recommend her work to all looking to learn about shamanism and shamanic healing."

Sandra Ingerman: author of "Soul Retrieval", "Shamanic Journeying",
"Awakening to the Spirit World” and “The Book of Ceremony”
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Karen Furr reserves the right to cancel any of her events, workshops or training courses, or the participation of anyone, at any time for any reason.  In the event of cancellation by Karen, participants will be refunded the cost of the event, training or program.